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Birth Center

Even if you plan to give birth at home, you'll attend the birth center for almost all of your appointments (see FAQs for more details), and you're in for a treat! The birth center is in a beautiful location, surrounded by fruit trees and other mature trees and a working garden. There's a room for family and friends to wait in during labor (complete with a kitchen), a consulting room for your appointments, and two gorgeous birth rooms. Coming in late 2021, we will be adding a stepping stone walkway bearing the footprints of those who have gone before you at the birth center, leading to a secluded outdoor space that can be used during labor and birth. There are lots more photographs in the Gallery, but here's a sneak peek of where your baby might be born:


Mother's Nature

The beautiful cherry tree has powerful roots, strong enough to crack open hard ground.

This birth room brings the outdoors indoors. Here, you can be surrounded by Mother Nature's beauty as you work with a Mother's Nature to bring your baby earthside.  We want nothing but the best for our clients, and so have installed a stunning custom-made clear birth pool that allows your supporters to see the baby's birth, and enables you to get gorgeous birth photos or video. (Privacy screens can be added if you prefer.) To aid positioning during labor, the cherry tree can be used to support you in a birth sling, and the room also has a walk-in bathroom with a shower that can help with pain-relief.


Crowning Moment

As your baby crowns, labor nears its end. You will soon be crowned "life-giver".

In this room, you will labor with the dignity you deserve, leaving everyone around you filled with awe at your grace and your power. The specially designed and custom-made 'birth throne' is a new take on a traditional birth stool, and allows for ideal positioning for the delivery of your baby. The decor is beautifully regal, with wainscoting, damask wallpaper and champagne-gold accents, and makes for unique and stunning birth photographs. The room has a walk-in bathroom with a shower, which can be used to relieve pain, and an inflatable birth pool can be available.


Ride the Waves

As the lighthouse stands strong for those in the waters, so will you.

This is the most unique birth space we have, and that's saying something! Walking back here, you'll be transported to your own private beach, with golden sand between your toes (and nowhere else!) and hints of a relaxing horizon in the distance. To help with positioning during labor, we have a custom static windsurfer on our mini ocean, and of course have beach toys for children. And what is a beach without water? You can give birth in the birth pool, or just relax there before moving to the double sun-lounger for the birth. This is a fun and relaxing space, and makes for a wonderful story and pictures!

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