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Details on the cost of midwifery and doula care and what is included in the packages.

Midwifery care
What we do in appointments and during labor and birth.

Doula care
The care you get from a Heart of Gaia doula and details on other doulas in the region. 
A series of blog posts, with original paintings, showing the beauty of creating and growing a new life.

Labor and birth
Coming soon! A series of blog posts showing the work and the wonder of birth.

Coming soon! A series of blog posts on the triumph and trials of postpartum life.
Nutrition and exercise
Coming soon! Healthy eating and exercise before, during, and after pregnancy.

Common discomforts during pregnancy, and what might help.

Warning Signs
When to seek help during pregnancy or the postpartum period.

Many common questions answered on VBACs, multiples, COVID protocol and more.

This Week's News

June will be our busiest month yet! 
We normally only take on a maximum of 4 clients due in any one month... but, for a number of reasons, we've taken on 6 clients due this month!
If you don't see any of us for a while, now you know why!

June due dates.JPG
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