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We have a growing number of items available for purchase, including the NARM Midwifery Exam Practice, a number of patterns for pregnancy, birth and postpartum items, books Jen has written and illustrated, and digital downloads of her watercolor paintings, as seen in her Blog posts on the Pregnancy, Labor and Birth and Postpartum pages. 

In order to purchase an item, please send money to:


If possible, please include your email address and a memo stating what you are purchasing, and please then send an email to telling Jen what method you used for paying and what you are purchasing.

NARM Practice Exam/Study Guide: $40

Jen wrote 600 multiple choice questions that cover the required information for the NARM exam, as laid out in the Candidate Information Booklet. The questions are automatically graded as you answer them, and you can shuffle them with the click of a button. She also sends a version with 300 of these questions chosen at random every time you shuffle the test, as this is the length of the true NARM exam. Additionally, she sends a Word file with the 600 questions, along with an answer key, for folk who prefer to work on paper.


The resource has some questions that are written in a style similar to questions in the NARM exam, and some that have extra information in them, which is why it serves as both a practice exam and a study guide. It does take longer to work through this resource than it does the actual NARM exam, and it will help you identify areas that you need to delve deeper into.


Please note, the NARM exam isn't evenly distributed across the CIB, whereas this practice test is, and so there are a couple of areas of the CIB with more questions in the NARM exam than the material covered here, so students should not rely exclusively on these files for studying. That said, it does help with the vast majority of NARM.


Jen is asking $40 for the full test, and, as with all of her files, requests that folk please do not share the files.





Placenta Weight Sling Crochet Pattern: $10

This sling is not only a beautiful tool for weighing a newborn, but it harkens to where Baby has just come from: a warm, confined space, sustained by the placenta, which is a truly wonderous organ. As we use the sling to discover Baby’s weight, the 'umbilical cord' handles remind us of how Baby received the oxygen and nourishment that allowed them to grow to this size. The past and the present, together in one beautiful moment!


The placental center of the sling is made of an oval of crocodile stitches, and the umbilical cord from spiral stitch. Whilst the placenta might seem daunting at first, especially if you’ve never done crocodile stitches before, it quickly becomes straightforward to follow the pattern.


As an alternative, this pattern can be made in pastel blues, greens and purples to look like 'mermaid scales', which is particularly relevant if you have a water birth. The pattern includes modifications to make the sling more 'merperson-like'.

Jen is asking $10 for the pattern, and, as with all of her files, requests that folk please do not share it.


COMING SOON! Available for preorder, released July 1st, 2023

Placenta Teaching Tool Crochet Pattern: $15

The maternal side of this placenta crochet pattern is incredibly life-like, with cotyledons made from a series of modified bobble stitches. The fetal side includes perfect tubular blood vessels, gathering together to form a three-vessel umbilical cord. The placenta makes for a perfect teaching tool, allowing childbirth education instructors, doulas, OBs and midwives the opportunity of explaining all of the amazing parts of this unique organ.

When complete, you can sew this into a voile bag to replicate the amniotic sac, though we prefer to simply insert it into the bag for demonstrations so that we can then remove it and show all of the details.

Jen is asking $15 for the pattern, and, as with all of her files, requests that folk please do not share it.








COMING SOON! Available for preorder, released August 1st, 2023

Lactation Teaching Tool Crochet Pattern: $20

This beautiful and accurate set includes one piece with milk glands and ducts, two pieces of fatty tissue, and a stretchy fabric skin and nipple. The set allows lactation consultants, midwives, doulas and other healthcare professionals to demonstrate the mechanisms of lactation, to explain that size does not determine production (hence the two pieces of different-sized fatty tissue), and to discuss common issues such as clogged ducts, mastitis, and milk blebs. It can also be used for teaching self-exams, and for assistance in getting a good latch when nursing.


The crochet uses bobble stitches and single crochet, and is straightforward to follow. The skin is most easily sewn with a sewing machine, but can be done by hand.

Jen is asking $20 for the pattern, and, as with all of her files, requests that folk please do not share it.


COMING SOON! Available for preorder, released October 1st, 2023

Childbirth/Student Education Fetus/Neonate Pattern: $20

This sweet baby doll is just perfect for childbirth education, as well as for running drills with a midwifery or obstetrics team, and for teaching students. Not only does it look realistic from the outside, but the head is made with papier-mâché so that the skull contains sutures and fontanels, which is incredibly helpful both in childbirth education classes when explaining to parents about molding, and for students to learn and professionals to perfect the identification of landmarks of the fetal skull. The pattern also includes details on the optional addition of the bones that are relevant for drills such as shoulder dystocia.

The pattern can be sent for either letter-sized paper or A4 paper. Please include which you'd prefer in your email.

Jen is asking $20 for the pattern, and, as with all of her files, requests that folk please do not share it.



Mommy's Milk is made of love (paperback): $10, plus postage of $3.50 to continental US

This delightful book walks a young child through the love-filled journey of natural-term breastfeeding.

Designed to be read by either parent, it features touching images of some of the marvels of a mother’s milk as it nourishes both body and soul. The tender, rhyming prose adds another layer of beauty, and the combination of word and image is both stunning and stirring. Cuddle up and read this book together, and share in the love of Mommy’s Milk.

Also available is the spelling variant, Mummy's Milk is made of love.

Please include your mailing address in your email!

Review Mommy's Milk.JPG

Vinny the Vaquita (paperback): $10, plus postage of $3.50 to continental US

Join Vinny, a small, shy porpoise, as he leaves the comfort of the Northern Gulf of California in search of fellow Vaquitas. Along the way, Vinny will meet and befriend a Right Whale, who will call on other marine mammals to join the hunt for the last members of Vinny's endangered species. Enjoy the flowing prose and beautiful full-page illustrations as Vinny finds new allies and new confidence. Packed with gentle education about the sea creatures we meet and the environment in which they live, this book is a hit with nature lovers of all ages. Will you take up the challenge to help Vaquitas live?

Please include your mailing address in your email!

Review Vinny 1.JPG
Review Vinny 2.JPG

Origins of Life (paperback): $16, plus postage of $3.50 to continental US

The Royal Air Force’s Flight Lieutenant Charlie Peters is both intelligent and independent, and believes herself to be happy with her simple and straight­forward life. Charlie is an only child with a small group of close friends and a stable job that she loves: working in the Solid State Phased Array Radar Station in the heart of Yorkshire, watching for falling space debris, the repositioning of satellites and incoming ballistic missiles. However, Charlie’s understanding of the world around her and of her place in it is about to change dramatically, and she will soon experience both love and loss more acutely than she ever has before. Charlie’s journey will lead her to discover what it really means to be human, and this journey will begin – and end – with a bright light in the night’s sky.

Please include your mailing address in your email!

Review Origins.JPG

Digital Prints

1 for $10

2 for $17

Up to 4 for $25

Up to 10 for $50

Full collection for $100

Once you buy a digital print, you can use it as you wish: print it to hang on your wall, use it in a post on social media, for advertising, or even include it in an illustrated handout for your clients.

You could probably download these prints illegally from the internet, but we kindly request that you do not do so, but rather help support Heart of Gaia by purchasing it from us. Likewise, please do not share the file after purchase.

Vacant Uterus Digital Print: $10 (see above if buying more than 1 print)

This vibrant painting accurately but abstractly depicts the layers of the uterus (perimetrium, myometrium and endometrium), the cervix and birth canal, as well as the fallopian tubes and ovaries, complete with fimbriae and ligaments. 


Post-ovulation Ovary Digital Print: $10 (see above if buying more than 1 print)

This beautiful watercolor shows the details of an ovary with multiple follicles having attempted to develop, and one that has released the oocyte, leaving behind the corpus luteum or "yellow body". 


Swimming Sperm Digital Print: $10 (see above if buying more than 1 print)

This exciting painting pictures a 'pack' of sperm beginning its journey towards an egg. In the larger sperm, we see the details of the head with its densely-packed nucleus and the acrosome, the neck sheathed in energy-supplying mitochondria, and the axial filament of the tail.

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