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This week's offerings:   2/11/24-2/18/24

Please use the contact us page prior to attending, to confirm that classes are running!

Prenatal Yoga

In Monday morning's class, we'll be working with our breath to find deliberate relaxation, even as our bodies work. In Wednesday evening's class, we'll be focusing on oxytocin, 'the love hormone', with a flow that guides us in love for Self and Baby. 

Baby and Me Yoga

In Thursday's class, we'll tell the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Tuesday's class is cancelled. In our next Tuesday class, we'll enjoy Son Salutations and Dancing Daughters, as we splice together sun salutations and dancing warriors.

Restorative Yoga (Yin Yoga)

In this week's Friday evening offering, we'll be growing our roots deep into the earth that sustains us, finding we're an interlaced community, living and loving together.


Yoga bgd.JPG

Yoga is a wonderful way of exercising and building awareness of and appreciation for your body and your 'self' throughout life, including before, during and after a pregnancy. Jen generally offers the following classes, but please check here before attending:

Sun salutation

15 minutes of a repeated sequence of asanas to prepare you for the day ahead.

Prenatal Yoga

Bring together awareness of Body, Breath and Baby as you stretch and strengthen.

Baby and Me Yoga

All parents welcome. Bring along a baby or toddler for this fun and fulfilling class.

Restorative Yoga (Yin Yoga)

A slow series of passive asanas designed to bring emotional and physical healing.

Hatha Yoga

A faster-paced yoga, but accessible to all. This class builds awareness, acceptance and awe.

Moon salutations

Slow flow yoga to bring both peace and an awareness of power.

Jen's classes are inclusive for every body. Asanas (poses) are not taught on a hierarchy of "beginner to advanced yogi", but rather presented as a theme with a variety of options, and students are encouraged to find the variations that work best for their body on the given day. In doing this, you bring awareness to your body, and learn to appreciate the wonder of your 'vessel' - the being that carries around your self, letting go of self-criticism or jealousy of others. Our goal is for you to feel the asanas in a way that your body appreciates, and not for you to try to look like any image you may have had in your mind. We encourage the use of props for all.

We are a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals, those who have experienced trauma, those with larger bodies and those with disabilities, and invite all of these individuals and everyone else who is welcoming of all of these individuals to our classes. 

All hour-long classes have a suggested minimum donation of $15. You're welcome to participate in sun salutations for free, or can choose to donate for them, all moneys from which will be passed directly on to Heart of Gaia midwifery clients to allow more individuals to be able to access our care. 

Yoga timetable.JPG

Please bring your own equipment with you. We have a few spare mats and props, but not enough for everyone. Please also bring water, and any snacks if you might need them.

The exact location of classes will depend upon the weather (and mosquitoes!), but all will be held at the Heart of Gaia property unless otherwise indicated on this page. Whenever possible, classes will be held in an outdoor space, such as Heart of Gaia's artificial beach, or a covered porch. When the outdoors is less welcoming, classes will be held indoors at the Heart of Gaia birth center.

On rare occasions, Jen will be unable to run classes because she has been called to a birth. Notice will be posted online as soon as possible if Jen is able to take the time to do so. If you do arrive for a class and Jen is unable to run it, you are welcome to have a self-guided practice in the Heart of Gaia grounds. You will obviously not be charged for these classes.

For details on this week's offerings, see here.

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