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Thank you for considering donating to us to help us provide care for our lower income clients. Monetary donations can help pay for the prenatal care, birth and postpartum care of families who would otherwise not be able to afford midwifery care in the area. If you'd prefer, we also have an Amazon wish list, so you could buy specific items for our clients and their babies.

Please take a look at the different sponsorship packages below and at the ways in which we say "thank you" to our wonderful donors, and see our donors who are happy for their names to be shared publicly. For questions regarding non-profit status, please see Information.

Sponsorship Packages


Sapphire packages


By donating this package, you'll pay for someone's entire prenatal care, including:

  • all prenatal appointments

  • 1 home visit for homebirth clients

  • all standard blood tests

  • gestational diabetes test

  • Group B Strep test

  • 1 anatomy ultrasound


Thank you for helping keep both our client and the baby safe and healthy while getting excellent, personalized care.


Prenatal Care


By donating this package, you'll pay for all care during labor and birth:

  • the midwife and birth assistant to be on call from 37-42 weeks 

  • care from the midwife and birth assistant during labor and birth

  • all supplies used at a birth, such as chux pads, cord clamps, suturing equipment, and any medication that might be needed at the birth

Thank you for helping give a family who would otherwise not have been able to afford it a beautiful, safe birth.

Birth Care



This package pays for care and tests run postpartum:

  • postpartum appointments

  • newborn screens

  • cord blood test 

  • CCHD test

  • Vitamin K


Assistance with bonding, feeding and early identification of any problems all make a huge, life-long difference. You might even save a life by donating this package.

Thank you.


Postpartum Care

Ruby packages


By donating this package, you cover prenatal testing collected in the office: 

  • regular blood tests 

  • gestational diabetes test (which we offer with candy as an alternative to glucose drinks!)

  • Group B Strep test.


It's important that everyone receives all standard prenatal testing, and you could help protect those who are pregnant and their babies by paying for this.

Thank you.


Prenatal Testing


By donating this package, you pay for supplies used during labor and birth:

  • birth pool liner and hose

  • pads

  • cord clamps

  • bulb syringe

  • suturing equipment, and more


If you want to help support families specifically during their labor and birth, this is the package for you. We also have many non-medical items for this time on our Amazon wish list.

Thank you.

Birth Supplies



By donating this package, you pay for postpartum testing:

  • regular blood tests

  • newborn screens

  • cord blood test 

  • hearing test

  • Vitamin K


Early identification of metabolic or hearing problems can make a huge difference in a child's life. You might even save the life of a baby by donating this package.

Thank you.


Postpartum Tests

Peridot packages


By donating this item, you'll pay for one appointment:

  • measuring vital signs and fundal height

  • listening to fetal heart

  • testing urine

  • discussing exercise and diet

  • discussing any concerns and answering any questions

Every low risk person should be able to have a midwife care for them through pregnancy. You're helping this happen.

Thank you.




By donating this package, you'll provide food and drinks for labor, such as:

  • coconut water

  • sports drinks

  • fruit

  • granola bars 

  • items to help with nausea, such as peppermint oil 

It's important to keep eating and drinking healthy items during labor. You can make this happen. Look at our Amazon wish list for more items.

Thank you.

Birth treats



By donating this package, you're buying a postpartum gift basket:

  • custom-made baby blanket

  • cloth diaper and insert

  • reusable breast pads

  • mesh laundry bag for baby clothes

  • a custom-made Heart of Gaia bag

  • healthful snack

  • several samples


Help get this new family off to the best possible start with this beautiful and useful basket of goodies for parents and baby.

Thank you.

Gift basket



How We Say "Thank you!"

klara-avsenik-ba7617qjMmo-unsplash a.jpg

To thank everyone who donates at least $100, we invite you to a private dinner party with tabletop cooking. So, if you donate $200, you and a partner or friend would both be invited along. This "thank you" package can be designed either for families or for adults only. For adults, we prepare a sophisticated three-course dinner such as cheese fondue followed by flambéed Crêpes Suzette. For families, examples include create-your-own pizzas cooked in a tabletop pizza oven, followed by a chocolate fountain or tabletop pancake art canvas cooking! We thank you deeply for your generosity and care.

Sapphire Donors


To thank everyone who donates at least $50, we invite you to something that's a very rare event in Southern Texas - a private snow party! So, if you're a family of 3 and donate $150, your entire family would be invited along!

At the party, we'll have an area of snow for children or adults to play in and a campfire burning, and will provide hot chocolate for you to enjoy once you've dusted off the snow and are relaxing by the fire. (Allergen-free options available.)

We thank you deeply for your generosity and for caring for our birthing families.

Ruby Donors


To thank anyone who donates at least $10, we invite you to a private pool party. So, if you're a family of 5 and donate $50, your entire family would be invited along!

At the party, you'll be able to relax or play in the pool or with one of the yard games such as corn hole, and youngsters can also jump on the trampoline and whiz down the zip line. We'll provide delicious ice cold lemonade, made with homegrown lemons in the right season.

We thank you deeply for your generosity, and for helping us to be able to serve additional families in our community.

Peridot Donors


Some of our generous donors

Katelynn from Two Teal Moms


Elizabeth from Acacia Lake Landscaping, LLC

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